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Michelle Lee

Founder & Executive 


Hello! My name is Michelle Lee and I would love to help students from around the world learn more about medicine. Although I was born here, my family is from South Korea. Some of my favorite hobbies include ice skating, singing, and playing the flute. My favorite subject is math and my favorite color is blue. I wish to be an Emergency Room Physician. I hope that Medical Marvels becomes a helpful tool for your medical journey!

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Abigail Tsuji

Founder & Executive Director

Hello! My name is Abigail Tsuji and I am the Founder & Executive Director of Medical Marvels. I am extremely passionate about science research, neuroscience and oncology. I aspire to become an Oncologist or Pediatrician in the future, but I am certainly open to exploring other specialties. After coming up with the idea to begin Medical Marvels, I asked Michelle to help me and we have been organizing our nonprofit ever since! I look forward to helping others learn more about the medical field!

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