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2021 Hershey’s Heartwarming Young Heroes Grant Awarded to Medical Marvels

Medical Marvels is proud to announce that with the support from its members and Executive Team, it has won a $500 grant from the Hershey Heartwarming Young Heroes program. Hosted by Youth Service America and Hershey, the Hershey Heartwarming Young Heroes Grant awards fund for community-building activities and student-organized service projects that contribute to building more inclusive communities. Specifically, Medical Marvels was presented with the $500 king-size grant in recognition for its COVID-19 Awareness Campaign. Under the campaign, the organization hosted virtual shadowing events, created free educational resources for students, and spread awareness regarding the pandemic through social media posts and interactive stories. With its far reach and dedicated members, Medical Marvels looks forward to achieving even more accomplishments in the future.

The Medical Marvels COVID-19 Awareness Campaign aims to spread safety and medical knowledge surrounding the pandemic and debunk misinformation about the coronavirus; to be further educated on the coronavirus, a link to more in-depth information can be found on the Medical Marvels website under the tab “COVID-19 Campaign.” During these difficult times, every bit of aid can greatly benefit the safety of communities, and Medical Marvels is committed to promoting public health. In addition to social media awareness, the organization has also upgraded video and website software for its informative virtual shadowing events and medical articles. On the whole, Medical Marvels is eager to put its grant in support of increasing medical literacy and encouraging wellness, and Medical Marvels hopes to be able to continue its mission in the coming years.


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