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Welcome to Medical Marvels

Medical Marvels is an international student led nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting medical literacy and awareness to high school and college students. Established by Abigail Tsuji and Michelle Lee, both aspiring physicians, Medical Marvels was created because they saw the lack of opportunity available to students during this time of uncertainty. Abigail and Michelle began Medical Marvels in hopes of educating other students who want to learn more about the sciences and medical fields, for free.

Our mission is to connect all students from all over the world who are interested in pursuing the medical field so that they learn more about the area and any challenges that may arise. We hope to foster a close community where future medical professionals can meet other passionate students and create new friendships. At Medical Marvels, our goal is to provide interesting and interactive virtual shadowing opportunities for our members, publicly available articles regarding STEM, and educational resources for free. Additionally, we want to inspire young adults to go into the vast field of medicine and healthcare, as we live through a pandemic where healthcare professionals are valued and needed the most. We will always persevere to improve Medical Marvels so that it can be a useful resource for students who want to pursue medicine or simply want to learn more about the field. Whether you want to learn about different diseases, new research, or the pathway to becoming a physician, there is something here for everyone. Join Medical Marvels by supporting our cause and applying to become a member. Feel free to contact Michelle and Abigail, the Founders and Executive Directors of Medical Marvels, as they are really excited to embark on this journey with all of you!

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