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About Medical Marvels

Medical Marvels is an international student led organization dedicated to promoting medical literacy and awareness to high school and college students. We strive to educate others and combat misinformation with student published articles, campaigns, and opportunities related to medicine and research.


Medical Marvels is committed to connecting students of all ages interested in pursuing a career in medicine. With our free and accessible resources, we believe in the power and truth of medicine and science, and providing opportunities to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic status or background. Join us from anywhere in the world in supporting our mission to promote medical literacy and provide students with helpful resources.


Attend our virtual shadowing events featuring physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals. Fill out our confirmation google form for credit and wait for your certificate. Become a member, join our Google Classroom, and receive the links to attend our Virtual Shadowing events!

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Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Get Involved

Looking for volunteer opportunities, leadership experience, or virtual shadowing hours? Become a Medical Marvels member and join our General Team! As a Writer, Editor, or Research & Resource Creator, publish articles for our blog or create study guides and other mediums for students to learn from. Join a local Medical Marvels chapter or begin your own! All you have to do is simply reach out to us. 

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