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Why is Russia attacking Ukrainian hospitals?

by Natalie Samara

Hi everyone! This article is a part of our Russia and Ukraine series. This series highlights key points within the Russia and Ukraine Conflict and brings information to you in a concise way. Medical Marvels believes that it is important to bring awareness for the Russia and Ukraine Conflict, since the war is a political, medical, and humanitarian crisis. This article covers the impact of the war on Ukraine's hospitals, and highlights some of the victims of the war.

Ever since the day Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russian army forces will attack Ukraine and the people. People are fleeing from their homes. Many women and children are leaving on trains and other transportation and to find refuge while they can. Men are staying behind to fight in this conflict. Not only is it having a significant impact on the Ukrainian people, but many hospitals have also been impacted by all the healthcare workers.

Doctors and nurses have seen many children that are wounded, and some have died from being hit with shrapnel and other weapons. On March 9th, there was an airstrike that hit a maternity hospital in the port city of Mariupol. Only 17 people were attacked and injured including hospital staff and patients. Police officers and soldiers carried out a heavily pregnant woman who was bleeding on a stretcher. Another woman wailed as she clutched her child. Within a few days after the attack, it was confirmed by Ukrainian officials that 3 of those 17 people were killed, including a child.

Another attack came upon another hospital. This time a ballistic missile carrying cluster ammunition struck outside a hospital in Vuhledar. It killed four civilians and injured another 10, and six of those were healthcare workers, damaging the hospital, ambulance, and civilian vehicles.

Other hospitals in Ukraine are also struggling through this crisis, newborn babies are still in incubators and line the corridor. Medical staff have prepared and still are putting beds for possible transport of patients.

Right now, Russian soldiers are still attacking cities, towns, buildings, apartments, and even hospitals where patients are in incubators, NICU´s, etc. We do not know when this crisis will end and how many Ukrainian refugees will go back. Whatever plans Putin has on his political agenda, do not justify these atrocities being committed against civilians.

We hope you enjoyed reading the first article in our Russia and Ukraine series. If you enjoyed this article, you should read our article on combating myths about women's health, linked here. The article is informative and helps dispel certain misconceptions about women's health, so don't miss it!

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Thanks for reading and remember to keep an eye out for the second installment in our Russia and Ukraine series!

Until next time,

Natalie and the Writing Committee :)


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